The harder we work,
the less you’ll see us.

Don’t get us wrong. We believe in the value of a hard day’s work, of a job well done. We believe we’re good at what we do. So you should know who we are – you should know the quality of our work. But you shouldn’t see a whole lot of us. Not really. After all you don’t really see the pavement until it’s uneven. The concrete until it’s cracked. The storm drain until it floods. Our hard work is noticeable, because you don’t see it. We strive to make a positive impact to your quality of life, while keeping our presence as invisible as possible.

We love our job, and where we’re from. We believe our work not only builds but also benefits this community. That’s a good feeling. It’s why we do it. We don’t feel the need to be seen or make our voices heard because we let our hands do all the talking.

What we do is bring five decades of experience to underground excavating. We provide a breadth of residential and commercial services and hold ourselves to the highest expectations of quality and professionalism.

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Family‑owned and mid‑Michigan proud.

That’s who we are. Plain and simple. We believe our hands should be rough, our boots scuffed, and our employees treated like family. These are just some of the values that have been instilled in our company. Values that are reflected in our work, and in the hard-working Michigan communities we’ve helped build.

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We’ve treated our site like our work: it should be easy to navigate and give you what you’re looking for. Contacting us is easy tool, just scroll, click and say hi.

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